Positano Restaurants

Where to eat in Positano?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of food and restaurants in Positano is Sea Food. For many years Positano has been a fishing town so you can always find fresh anchovies and squids directly fished in the coasts by Positano fisherman. Since Positano is one of the most expensive destinations in Europe be prepared to pay a good deal of money if you want to enjoy a fine proper Mediterranean meal. There are of course a couple of places that are not so expensive and where you can have a great sample of Italian delight and good service experience.

At the top of our list of recommended places for a good price is Le Tre Sorelle. Located directly in front of the beach, this traditional Italian cuisine restaurant has great service, great view and yummy not so expensive food to enjoy.

Pizza Positano Italy
Pizza at Le Tre Sorelle, Positano

We had lunch there on the second day of our stay in Positano and the pizza was incredibly delicious. We shared one glass of wine and the bill was less than 30€. A low price compared to what we paid the day before, almost 70€ for lunch and 50€ for dinner. The most expensive meal we had was lunch at a restaurant called Max the first day we arrived in Positano. One bottle of water, one glass of wine and two Frutti di Mare Risotto, plus service, almost 70€. It was good but to be honest I personally didn’t think it was a fair cost-benefit for this place. I mean, the restaurant is nice and the service is fancy but the food I felt was average. That is only my personal opinion since Stefan was happy about the meal and because he enjoys fancy places more than I do, for him it was an experience to remember.

Risotto Max Positano
Risotto at Max Positano

Coming back to our hotel from the Max, we stopped by a little store right on the road called Latteria, on the Viale Pasitea to buy some water, sprite, gluten-free biscuits, chocolates and a few more things for later. We were a bit tired so we decided to take it easy the rest of the afternoon, the problem was we got to cozy in the hotel and realized around 9:30 it was dinner time.

We recommend you go have dinner in Positano earlier, we started our search shortly before 10 pm and most of the restaurants were closing.

We ended up having dinner at the only place that was open, we had to walk all the way down to the restaurants in front of the  beach, since most of the place on the way down were already closing, luckily food was good and we could have a nice portion of fresh anchovies, grilled and fried calamari with refreshing lemon  juice. The place is called La Cambusa, even though a bit expensive, we were glad to find something open over 10 pm, we paid almost 50€ for dinner.

Positano Grilled Calamari at La Cambusa, Positano
Fried fish and Calamari
Fried fish and Calamari

For breakfast, we were staying at Casa Albertina and our breakfast was included. See https://positanotogether.com/amazing-hotel-to-stay-in-positano/

For the last night of our staying we were late again and had to walk a lot around to find a place that was taking us so late. Finally, we found one lovely place at a corner on the way to the beach called Collina Bakery, the place is lovely, not fancy at all, but they have good service and the prices were not as expensive as in most of the restaurants in Positano.

Collina bakery Positano
Collina Bakery corner. Source: http://www.collinabakery.it/

We shared a lovely last dinner there, Stefan had fried calamari, we can´t get enough of those :), and I had traditional Italian spaghetti with clams.

Fried Calamari at Collina Bakery, Positano
Fried Calamari at Collina Bakery, Positano
Spaghetti with Clams at Collina Bakery