How to get from Naples to Positano

Positano Sunset

Positano Travel Guide

When planning our first visit to Positano from Naples, we realized there wasn’t much information available online on the different ways how to get there. We summarize the result of our research so you can decide the best way to travel depending on your budget and on how much time you have available.

What’s the cheapest way to travel to Positano?

Train and Bus. From Naples, you must get to the Garibaldi Train Station and catch a Train to Sorrento

It runs about every 20 minutes, takes 1 hour and 10 minutes and costs about €5.

Once in Sorrento, walk out of Train Station and get on a SITA bus to Positano.

Ask for tickets normally available in  Tabaccherie, newspapers stands, bars, caffés, shops displaying the SITA SUD logo. Wherever there’s a SITA bus station, there should be a place near by to buy the tickets.

Keep in mind: Tickets cannot be purchased on board of the bus.

Garibaldi Train Station ItalyGaribaldi Train Station Source:

From Sorrento, the bus to Positano takes around 45 minutes.

If you suffer from motion sickness, take Dramamine to avoid getting dizzy, the road is full of curves. Sit on the right side of the bus to get the sea view!

For SITA Bus Timetable and relevant info, check online :

Train Station Sorrento
Outside Sorrento Train Station

The two main bus stops in Positano is La Sponda & Chiesa Nouva. 

Depending on your travel arrangements, whether you staying in Positano or not,  you would need to locate one of these stops and figure out in advance which one will you need to get off at. 

If you are only visiting for one day, we recommend you use La Sponda since it is the nearest to the center, from there you can either walk down to the beach through Positano streets and stairs or get on one of the internal buses that don´t cost more than 1.5 €. 

If you staying over, find the location of your hotel and see which one of the stops is the nearest. Call the hotel if possible so they can guide you on the best way to get there if you arriving by bus.

La sponda bus stop Positano Italy
View from La Sponda Bus Stop

What is the fastest way to travel from Naples to Positano?

Private Shuttle or Taxi. If you don’t have much time and can afford to pay a bit more for transportation; the most comfortable and fastest way to get to Positano from Naples is with a private driver. We were lucky enough to have found Nicola, a charming taxi driver, who offered this option when we were ready to go try our luck at the harbor. He charged us 110 € from the Paradiso Hotel in Napoli by Posillipo Hill, to be right in front of the entrance to our hotel Casa Albertina en Positano almost 1 hour and 15 minutes later.


Road from Naples to Positano
Road Trip from Naples to Positano

Naples to Positano by Ferry

The original destination we told Nicola to take us was to Beverello Port. From there you get on board of Hydrofoil to Sorrento. Time crossing: 45 minutes. Once in Sorrento, you get on board a second boat to Positano, another 40 minutes. Around Apr, May, Jun only 3 boats a day. I guess during summer more routes should be available.

Molo Beverello Napoli ItalyPort of Naples. Molo Beverello


Allilauro Hydrofoil in Positano Port
For planning Times of Departures and bag policy, check online :


The main Italian company in charge is called Allilauro. We read on something called the Metro del Mare that used to be a more organized route and connections between the main ports of Amalfi Coast but for our visit on April 2019, we didn’t find any updated information online nor heard of it, around our visits to the port. It probably runs in high season but there is not much information available to book or buy online. Hydrofoil prices on the Amalfi Coast move between 15 € and 25 € depending on the season and the city of destination, We went back to Naples by hydrofoil and paid 15€ each route.

Ferry tickets are more expensive than bus tickets, but the journey is much more pleasant and spectacular. We highly recommend this alternative whenever possible.


One Night in Naples

Naples at Night – Molo Mergellina View

We started our visit to Italia in the amazing port of Napoli. We flew from Munich to Italy for a reasonable good price and service with Eurowings. We paid a bit extra so we could choose our seats on the “Best” area of the plane which is located when Business Class is normally on other planes. We had a small bottle of wine and pay 4€ for what I thought, was a yummy sandwich on board.

Eurowings Red Wine
Eurowings Red Wine on Board

We arrived in Napoli at 3:50 pm. We wanted to make the best out of that afternoon since it was our only day in Naples, we even considered going somewhere to get pizza right away with our bags before check-in in at the hotel, but we were warned by friends and by the internet, not to be running around in this city with personal belongings. Napoli is one of the cities in Italy where loads of people get robbed so we didn’t want to take any chances.

We asked where to get a taxi and one thing that surprised us was that most taxis where actually van size, it felt unnecessary space for only 2 people. We asked if there was a fixed rate for coming out of the Airport and they explained there is a 5€ fee per person and  5€ for each bag. So all and all we would have to pay something around 38€ to get to the hotel. I thought this was a bit too much so asked if there´s Metro or any other transportation to the city but the guy dispatching the taxis said with a loud Italian accent:   “No, no, no metro! no train.!! Only taxi to hotel “ and quickly got us a taxi without leaving us much time to figure out anything else.

Naples International Airport
Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli

Once in the taxi, we thought then at least it will be faster to get to the hotel so we would have more time later to see some of the city and go out for dinner. The first moments going through the streets of Naples we had a sense of how intense and vibrant the city is. It has that Port vibe and very old constructions that still stand there telling a story of how old the place really is and it feels wonderful to be part of it.

Medieval walls in Naples
Medieval Walls in Napoli

Napoli view from the Hotel Paradiso

We stayed at one of the most classic hotels in Naples, The BW Signature Collection Paradiso. Located in the Posillipo hills, it has one of the best views of Napoli. From here you can see the stunning Vesuvio, the Sorrento Peninsula, all the Via Caracciolo, the Castel dell´ Ovo, the Island of Capri and the old port of Mergellina.

Mergellina View Napoli
Lobby @ BW Signature Hotel Paradiso Naples

After arriving at the hotel we knew we had a bit of time before dinner to hang out in Naples. The main problem then was, we had to choose what to do. Naples is so full of amazing places to see, we had a hard time choosing one where to go first.

Toledo Train Station
Toledo Train Station

Finally, after realizing we didn’t have much time, we decided to hit the road and go to the Spanish Neighborhood of Toledo. We saw a video recommendation on how beautiful the Train Station was, so we decided to take it from there.

Toledo Streets in Napoli

Like I said it was hard to choose, but after walking around this area I was happy we chose this location. We got to experience one of Naples most traditional neighborhoods and accidentally end up visiting one of the best places for pizza in the whole world! After walking a bit through the lovely streets of Toledo we found ourselves near the Via del Tribunale where one of the best pizzerias in Naples is located. We headed then to Gino Sorbillo and got to eat the best pizza we ever had!

Napolitana Pizza Pizza Diavolo at Gino Sorbillo

Gino Sorbillo Entry




Casa Albertina: One Lovely Hotel To Stay In Positano

Positano Sunset
Casa Albertina Solarium

When finding the best place to stay in Positano, we went through almost all the hotels listed on for a price range between 90 to 150 euro. There aren´t many. Positano is one of the most expensive destinations in Europe.

The First thing that caught our attention from Casa Albertina was the lovely terrace with an amazing view of Positano. I couldn´t wait to be there having breakfast with this dream Mediterranean view.

Terrace in Casa Albertina Source:

There are 2 different kinds of rooms and for an extra 20 euro, we could have one of the upper floors with a better view and Balcony. The view was breathtaking. Being there felt like a dream come true.

Sunny Positano Beach
View from our Room. Positano Beach in April

The room was beautiful and with enough space, the bathroom was big with a little window that also provided a great view of this lovely place.

Positano Sunset
Positano Sunset Little Window from Bathroom Casa Albertina

The staff was very friendly and helpful. Another plus was the great espresso, which we instantly received at any time we requested it.

I can remember drinking one of the best coffees I ever had, this was on our first afternoon when walking up the main Road, we had bought delicious Gluten Free Biscotti from a little store that sells water, drinks, snacks and several other things, two blocks away from the Hotel.

Espresso Positano
Best Espresso at all times in Casa Albertina

Breakfast was delicious in Casa Albertina, we were so pleased to be able to have breakfast and enjoy the view. Even though the weather wasn´t as I had first expected it. Coffee and food was good and heartwarming, so we still had a lovely experience. They were so nice to bring me Soy milk and the cereal was a yummy Granola. There was fresh fruit available, mini Mermelade glasses in every flavor, Nutella, honey and a good variety of fresh bread and croissants.

Positano Breakfast
Casa Albertina Breakfast

Positano Rainy morning
Rainy April Morning in Casa Albertina Terrace

The hotel has a cool Solarium Terrace on the upper floor that unfortunately, we couldn’t get to use but I imagine must be wonderful to lay at in the summer.

Positano hills
Positano Hills from Casa Albertina Solarium

The view of Positano mountains and beach is amazing from there as well.

Positano view
Positano View from Casa Albertina Solarium

How to get from Rome to Positano?

Positano Italy
Sunny Positano

If you are in Rome and wish to visit Positano, I would say you need at least 2 days available for this trip. It could be done in one day but you would have to take into account that all the time you will spend getting there and returning, won´t leave much time to actually enjoy some quality time in Positano.

Here are some options you can take when planning your visit to Positano from Rome:

Train from Rome to Naples and then to Sorrento. Followed by  Hydrofoil from Sorrento Port to Positano.

“Trenitalia’s Alta Velocità” (AV) trains make the trip from Naples to Rome 87 times per day. The first train leaves Napoli Centrale bound for Roma Termini at 4:04 a.m., the last at 9:46 p.m., the trip takes an average of 1 hour and 7 minutes. Ticket prices on this route range from USD 26-40.

The Train from Naples to Sorrento takes 1 hour and 10 minutes and it runs about every 20 minutes. The cost is about 4€

Once in Sorrento you will have to take a Taxi from the Circumvesuviana Train Station to the Port to catch one of the Hydrofoil Boats going from Sorrento to Positano.  Prices start at 15€. Trip duration is 40 minutes.

Train from Rome to Salerno and then Hydrofoil from Salerno Port to Positano

Frequent Trains from Rome to Salerno. Trenitalia’s high-speed Alta Velocità (AV) trains, connect Roma Termini with Salerno several times each day, and the fastest trains make the journey in 1 hour 25 minutes. Prices vary from 36 to 50 USD

Once in Salerno Port “Molo Manfredi” you can travel with one of two companies that do the route Salerno – Positano.

By June 2019 it only shows 2 routes available from early in the morning with TravelMar and one daily with NLG.

For NLG check online Timetable and prices:

Ship Crossing Type: Fast Jet Line. Crossing Time: 50 minutes

For TravelMar check Online Timetable and prices:

Crossing Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Private ride.

2 hours by car from Rome to Napoli. Plus 1 and 15 minutes from Naples to Positano. You could do it by renting a car but we wouldn’t recommend driving on Italian highways much. Hiring a Private Service could be expensive, around and more than 400€. If you are not a big fan of train rides, but still you don´t have that much budget for a private ride from Rome, the best thing to do would be to take the train from Rome To Naples (around 1 hour and 10 mins depending on the Train) and then get a Taxi from Naples to Positano. We found one taxi ride for 110€ right from our hotel in Naples to the closest to the hotel in Positano.

For a cheaper budget check out the options with Train and bus from Naples and Sorrento…