Casa Albertina: One Lovely Hotel To Stay In Positano

Positano Sunset
Casa Albertina Solarium

When finding the best place to stay in Positano, we went through almost all the hotels listed on for a price range between 90 to 150 euro. There aren´t many. Positano is one of the most expensive destinations in Europe.

The First thing that caught our attention from Casa Albertina was the lovely terrace with an amazing view of Positano. I couldn´t wait to be there having breakfast with this dream Mediterranean view.

Terrace in Casa Albertina Source:

There are 2 different kinds of rooms and for an extra 20 euro, we could have one of the upper floors with a better view and Balcony. The view was breathtaking. Being there felt like a dream come true.

Sunny Positano Beach
View from our Room. Positano Beach in April

The room was beautiful and with enough space, the bathroom was big with a little window that also provided a great view of this lovely place.

Positano Sunset
Positano Sunset Little Window from Bathroom Casa Albertina

The staff was very friendly and helpful. Another plus was the great espresso, which we instantly received at any time we requested it.

I can remember drinking one of the best coffees I ever had, this was on our first afternoon when walking up the main Road, we had bought delicious Gluten Free Biscotti from a little store that sells water, drinks, snacks and several other things, two blocks away from the Hotel.

Espresso Positano
Best Espresso at all times in Casa Albertina

Breakfast was delicious in Casa Albertina, we were so pleased to be able to have breakfast and enjoy the view. Even though the weather wasn´t as I had first expected it. Coffee and food was good and heartwarming, so we still had a lovely experience. They were so nice to bring me Soy milk and the cereal was a yummy Granola. There was fresh fruit available, mini Mermelade glasses in every flavor, Nutella, honey and a good variety of fresh bread and croissants.

Positano Breakfast
Casa Albertina Breakfast
Positano Rainy morning
Rainy April Morning in Casa Albertina Terrace

The hotel has a cool Solarium Terrace on the upper floor that unfortunately, we couldn’t get to use but I imagine must be wonderful to lay at in the summer.

Positano hills
Positano Hills from Casa Albertina Solarium

The view of Positano mountains and beach is amazing from there as well.

Positano view
Positano View from Casa Albertina Solarium